Poster Session: Experience and Research in the Field of Teaching and Learning Psychology

  1. Olga Megalakaki, Faculté de Philosophie SHS. Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France: New technologies in education: an example EUROSPIN(European Students’ Press Initiative) (Poster)
  2. Luis Álvarez, Julio A. González-Pienda, José-Carlos Núñez, Cristina Roces, Sol González-Pumariega, Paloma González-Castro, University of Oviedo, Spain: Strategies for teaching and learning with hypertext networks (Poster)
  3. Edgar Heineken & Heike Ollesch, Gerhard Mercator University, Germany: An online-science-magazine as a tool for exploring psychology’s invisible subject in introductory courses (Poster)
  4. Julia Mendzheritskaya, Dortmund University, Germany: Psychology Students in Polyethnic Surrounding: Deformation or Development of Empathy (Poster)
  5. Gisela Mohr & Marcus Krueger, University Leipzig, Germany: Successful integration into the field of Psychology after University education: How important is the perceived gap between education and real life demands? (Poster)
  6. Desmond Swan, Psychological Society of Ireland, Ireland: Towards a Psychology of Psychology (Poster)
  7. Jerzy Karylowski, University of North Florida, USA & Instytut Psychologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Poland: Classroom demonstrations of the regression to the mean effect (Poster)
  8. Vladimir Ouryvaev, YSMA, Yaroslavl, Russia: The use of «Complex introspection» in work with students of different years of study (Poster)
  9. Jacqui Byrne, Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa: The battle in finding a place: experiences of a Tsonga and a Zulu woman with therapeutic theory (Poster)
  10. Cristina Roces, University of Oviedo, Spain: Teaching learning strategies: a challenge for teachers and educational psychologists at all educational levels (Poster)
  11. Paula Hixenbaugh & Corriene Reed, University of Westminster, London, UK: Equipping psychology students for the world of work (Poster)
  12. Ian Hodges & Carol Pearson, University of Westminster, London, UK: Exploring gay men’s experience of the nature and content of psychology as a discipline (Poster)
  13. Kerry Martin, LTSN Psychology, University of York, UK: Developing a web-based archive of psychology learning and teaching resources (Poster)
  14. Sarah Tweedie, LTSN Psychology, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK: Assessing the needs and practices of the UK Psychology Higher Education Community (Poster)
  15. Lucy Zinkiewicz, LTSN Psychology, University of York, UK: Integrating Psychology Disciplinary Knowledge with Teaching Practice in Psychology (Poster)
  16. Alan Porter & Carol Pearson, University of Westminster, London, UK: Expectations and orientation of psychology students (Poster)
  17. Kellina Craig, Howard University, USA: Internationalizing the Teaching of Psychology and Recognizing the Diversity of the Human Experience (Poster)
  18. Camilo Garcia, Iowa State University, USA: On teaching equality rather than “tolerance to diversity”: An interactive constructivist approach for teaching diversity and international perspectives in family studies (Poster)
  19. Daniel Swift and Camilo Garcia, Iowa State University, USA: Globalization core values: A comparison of United States, Mexican, and foreign students’ interpretation of exploitation as shown in “The Giving Tree.” (Poster)
  20. Lloyd Sloan, Michael Glenn, B. James Starr, Howard University & Charles Lockett, James Madison University, USA: Hazards of Testing for the Stereotyped: Ethnic Context and Gender Affect Stereotype Threat Disidentification Performance (Poster)
  21. Victor Karandashev & Natalia Bylanchuk, Vologda State Pedagogical University, Russia: The Attitudes of Students with Teachers’ Specialization Towards Psychology Knowledge (Poster)
  22. Konstantin Malyshev & Yakov Lebedev, Vologda Technical University, Russia: Basis System Description of Information in Psychology (Poster)
  23. Georgia Stephanou, Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece: The association between pupils’ cognitive appraisal of their interpersonal relationships with their teachers and future relationships expectations (Poster)
  24. Sherri McCarthy, Northern Arizona University, USA: Teens, Terrorism and the Global Psychology Project (Poster)