The use of “Complex introspection” in work with students of different years of study

Ouryvaev, Vladimir
YSMA, Yaroslavl

Test is held while learning the topic “Psychology of personality” on the 2-nd year of study. To make results about student’s own knowledges (it is made by himself) means to finish the test.

The plan’s fulfillment is tested on the 4-th year of study again while learning the next part of the subject (the first results are kept at the chair all the time). It should be stressed student works with HIS OWN plan. Corrected plans are written down into the self-examination certificates. Then they are returned at the chair again.

At the 6-th (last) year of study students get their works again. They can look through the plans of the 2-nd course of study, they can analyze five years of their studies at the Academy, they can speak about their future life and career. This time students leave all test results for themselves.

The structure of “Complex introspection”.

”Life line” (“psychological age of personality”).

Biological basis of individuality (self-examination of temperament by W.Sheldone; type of temperament by G.U.Ajzenk).

Socialization of personality (role of sex, structure of the personality by E.Burn, social ripeness of the personality).

Person’s estimate of system’s attitude by A.Lazursky – S.Frank.

Characteristic of main psychological processes of personality.

“Cascade” estimate of professional and psychological skills (140 abilities of a physician by N.V.Yakovleva).

Plans of personal and professional development.

The test is checked with a “review”. “Review” is a reference about the student written by his friend; student can chose somebody to make it by himself.

Review should contain:

general appraisal (completeness and objectivity of fulfilled work)
self-criticism in estimating of own successes and failures
realistic plans of personal and professional development ( without underestimation or overestimation)
Student should be ready to answer reviewer’s remarks and questions.