Goals of conference

There is a compelling need for greater understanding of how psychology is taught in different countries. However, it is difficult to obtain a coherent picture of how psychology is taught around the world, or to find any comprehensive description of a general system of psychology education for many countries.

The first goal of the conference was to compile, describe, and summarize information on how psychology is taught internationally.

The second goal of the conference was to exchange information and knowledge on research in the area of teaching and learning psychology.

We believe the Conference has:

  • Helped to increase understanding OF the goals of psychology education;
  • Led to a greater understanding of why psychology education is widely relevant and not just concerned with the training of psychologists;
  • Helped to improve the teaching of psychology in different countries;
  • Provided many new ideas and demonstrations for teaching of psychology, explaining principles and enhancing learning;
  • Fostered professional development in the teaching of psychology;
  • Promoted the application of psychological principles to improve the learning and teaching of psychology;
  • Broadened the worldwide knowledge base for teaching and learning psychology;
  • Provided opportunities to see different resources available throughout the world for learning and teaching psychology.

The conference enabled delegates to develop international exchange in information and ideas, which we hope will lead to enhancement in the quality of teaching in psychology and encourage lifelong learning in a diverse, changing world. Among the participants at the Conference were psychology teachers, scholars and researchers from all levels of education and from different educational settings, from 20 countries.