Developing a web-based archive of psychology learning and teaching resources

Kerry, Martin
University of York

This paper will outline the development of a resource database for use in the teaching and learning of Psychology focussing on the purposes of such an archive, how it has been organised and how it is used. The archive has been produced as part of the work of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) for Psychology.

The aim of LTSN's resource database is to provide an archive of high quality resources to support the learning and teaching of psychology. The web site and its resources are directed at both psychology students and lecturers in UK higher education institutions. There are over 2,500 resources listed in the database which are classified both by discipline area (such as social psychology, cognitive psychology, health) and by type (software, textbooks, videos and web pages). A large number of the resources are web-based and include online tutorials, experiments, research papers, lecture notes and articles.

Resources can be accessed either by searching for a specific item or by browsing a subject area. A short description is given of each resource and other necessary information is provided, such as web addresses and supplier details. Also included are reviews of resources and the names and addresses of distributors of software and hardware. We have developed a web interface to the resource database so that a new entry appears on the web as soon as details are entered into the resources database.

Usage statistics indicate a that the resource archive is heavily used by psychology community in the UK. Some details of the more common kinds of search will be given in the presentation. Such information, as well as feedback from the psychology community, allow us to develop the archive in ways that are helpful to the community. We wish to explore possibilities of international collaboration in supporting psychology education through the provision of web-based information on teaching and learning resources.