Welcome to the web site of the First International Conference on Psychology Education — 2002

The Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology

International Teaching of Psychology Network (InterTOP)

This is a suitable time to devote attention to the challenges of psychology education; to both the learning and teaching of psychology. Recently, interest in research concerning the learning and teaching of psychology has been growing rapidly in many countries, on different continents. It is clear that our exchange of ideas regarding this topic should be international.

The initiative addressing the teaching and learning needs of psychology in the 21st Century has been undertaken by the Partnerships Program (P-3) of the American Psychological Association. One of these programs is a project entitled: Teaching a Global Psychology: International Dialogue;. This program brings together leaders from secondary, college and university education in psychology from around the world to encourage internationalization of the discipline. The project aims to develop a productive exchange of ideas and information among teachers, educational leaders and students of psychology in the international community.

The meeting of the P-3 participants was successfully held in Washington, D.C., in August 2000. Plans for future cooperation and communication were developed, including the decision to hold International Conference on Psychology Education, in St Petersburg, Russia, during the summer of 2002.

I am pleased that since that time we were able to recruit so high qualified and distinguished International Advisory Panel and Organizing Committee interested in the topic. You can see the list of members on this page. They all are highly recognized experts in the field of teaching psychology from several countries. I appreciate their help in preparation of the Conference.

I am pleased that so distinguished keynote speakers attended the Conference. I appreciate that they accepted the offer to come to the Conference and had very interesting talks there.

About 100 participants from 20 countries attended the Conference. So we had a chance to get contributions on a wide range of topics covering broad aspects of teaching and learning psychology and specific challenges in the 21st Century from really international approach. We had a lot of outstanding contributions, interesting and comprehensive papers on learning and teaching psychology from many countries. This web-page gives you a possibility to having a look at the most materials which were presented in the Conference Handbook.

For references you can use the title:
International Conference on Psychology Education: Curriculum and Teaching of Psychology, 15th –19th June 2002: Handbook and Abstracts / Ed. Victor Karandashev. – Saint-Petersburg, 2002. – 134p.

On behalf of the ICOPE 2002 International Advisory Panel and International Organizing Committee, I warmly thank all who contributed in the first international conference specially devoting to the issues of teaching and learning in the field of psychology.

Many attendees of the Conference said that such international conferences on learning and teaching psychology will be useful on the regularly base in the future. So we believe it was the First (hoping not last) International Conference on the topic.

There were expressed opinions that it is actually to establish some international network that could coordinate such contacts for future activities in the field of learning, teaching and training psychology.

If you are interested to get international contacts on the topic and participate in the future conferences, you can find more information at the InterTOP.

Conference Chair —
Professor Victor Karandashev,
St. Petersburg, Russia.