Session on Undergraduate Psychology Education – 2

  1. Sherri McCarthy, Northern Arizona University, USA: Teaching of psychology in the southwestern United States, Mexico and Italy (20)
  2. Victor Karandashev, Vologda State Pedagogical University, Vologda, Russia: Education for Psychology Degree in Russia (20)
  3. Hazel Dewart & Rosie Snelgar, University of Westminster, London, UK: Psychology Teaching at the University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom (Poster)
  4. Sherri McCarthy, Northern Arizona University, USA, Ernesto Alvarez, University of Baja California, Mexico, Francisco Vasquez, San Luis Middle School, USA: Students in Universities and Professional Schools in Mexico and the U.S.: A Comparison of Curriculum and Strategies for Preparing Psychologists (Poster)
  5. Michael Kraemer, University of Applied Sciences Muenster, Germany: Learning more in less time – how to cut the Gordian Knot in Psychology Education (Poster)
  6. Neil Lutsky, Carleton College, Northfield, USA: Teaching the Hard Disciplines of Seeing and Thinking in Contemporary American Psychology (Poster)
  7. Diana Kornbrot, University of Hertfrodshire, UK: 21st Century Statistical Tools for the 21st Century Psychology Trade: Web & Computer Methods for Teaching Statistics to University Psychology Students (Poster)
  8. Annie Trapp, LTSN Psychology, University of York, UK: The use of communications and information technology (C&IT) in UK Psychology degree programmes (Poster)
  9. Christopher Andrew, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK: The Challenge of teaching degree level psychology by distance learning (Poster)
  10. Neil Lutsky, Carleton College, Northfield, USA: Technology and the Teaching of Psychology: Uses of a World Wide Web (Poster)
  11. Galina P. Chepurenko, Leningrad State Regional University, Russia: Future psychologists’ training in the informational environment
  12. Heineken, E., Schulte, F. P. & Ollesch, H., Gerhard Mercator University, Duisburg, Germany: Teaching experimental methodology in a virtual laboratory (Poster)
  13. Anne Ross, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland: Teaching Personal Transferable Skills on a BSc Psychology degree (Poster)
  14. Hanns Martin Trautner, University of Wuppertal, Germany: How to further simultaneously psychology students’ understanding of the interrelations of subjects and methods in psychological research, of the integration of psychological disciplines, and of their knowledge of the English language (Poster)
  15. Janet Gail Donald, McGill University, Canada: Multifaceted thinking: increasing students’ curiosity about the nature of human nature (Poster)
  16. Sherria Hoskins, University of Portsmouth, UK: The growth of higher education: What are our goals? (Poster)
  17. Frank Murray, University of Delaware, USA: The accreditation of education programs based upon student learning (Poster)
  18. John Munro and Jennifer Standish, The University of Melbourne, Australia: Issues of Continuing Education of Psychologists (Poster)
  19. Andrew McCarthy, Canterbury College (an associate college of University of Kent) and Canterbury Christ Church University College, UK: Teaching Psychology in the United Kingdom: Adapted, Muddled And In Need Of Therapy! (Poster)
  20. Nick Hammond, LTSN Psychology, University of York, UK: The Learning and Teaching Support Network for Psychology: Promoting good practice in psychology education in UK universities (Poster)
  21. Neil Lutsky, Carleton College, Northfield, USA: The Society for the Teaching of Psychology and the American Psychological Association Education Directorate: Programs and Opportunities for International Cooperation (Poster)
  22. Alla Bulygina, Institute of economics, management and law, Kazan, Russia: Innovation course “The introduction to the profession (psychologist)”

Symposium: “Teaching psychology globally: a challenge for and goal of cross-cultural psychology”. Chair - W. J. Lonner

  • Participants: W. J. Lonner, Y. H. Poortinga, M. H. Segall, R. Lijtmaer