Education for Psychology Degree in Russia

Karandashev, Victor
Vologda State Pedagogical University,

The system of up-to-date education for psychology degree in Russia will be described. There are several forms and levels of psychology education. Study in higher education has three types: Specialist degree, Bachelor degree, Master of Psychology.

Psychology Specialist degree is currently most usual. The education of the specialists is usually generic but there are the specialisms (major) of the students in several fields of psychology. Study in Pedagogical Universities and other Higher Pedagogical Institutions gives students Educational Psychology Specialist degree. Since 1998 there is also Clinical Psychology degree. Study for Specialist degree has 5 years of duration.

Bachelor degree has 4 years of study duration. Master degree has + 1 (after Specialist degree) and +2 (after Bachelor degree)

The students study General Humanities and Social-Economic Disciplines, Mathematics and General Science Disciplines, General Professional Disciplines, Special Disciplines, Specialism Disciplines. The whole duration of theoretical study and various practical training are 150 weeks of study in the period of 5 years of education.

There are various methods of examinations and assessment of students’ knowledge and skills. They can be oral or writing. They can be as:
answering of a student to some questions of a teacher in discipline that student passes in, or 2) testing of knowledge and skills in this discipline.

They can be passed (scaled) in two ways according to curriculum:
or 1) “passed” - “not passed”,
or 2) “excellent”(5) - “good”(4) - “fair”(3) - “poor”(2).

At the end of 5 years education students have State Qualificational Assessment. This often consists of two or three examinations and defending of a diploma project.

Recent years have witnessed a great upsurge in interest in psychology in Russian society, among young people especially. Many young men and women dream of becoming psychologists or at least to acquire knowledge of psychology. Many new psychology departments and faculties in Universities have appeared, offering psychology degree.