The Learning and Teaching Support Network for Psychology: Promoting good practice in Psychology education in UK universities

Hammond, Nick
University of York,

The Learning and teaching Support Network (LTSN) is a UK government-funded programme to promote good practices in learning and teaching through the Higher Education sector in all subject areas. LTSN Psychology, through its central support staff and a network of specialists, aims to provide high quality information, expertise and resources on good and innovative learning and teaching practices in Psychology. LTSN Psychology, which receives an annual grant of approximately £270,000 (US$400,000), provides support across the full range of Psychology curricula and programmes through a range of activities. These include information provision (web site, resource archive, publication of newsletters and journal), events (workshops, seminars, conference), departmental and lecturer support (visits, enquiry service), promoting the development and sharing of good practice (network of co-ordinators, funded miniprojects) and involvement in national policy. This paper will outline the context, rationale and activities of LTSN Psychology and provide a focus for discussion of mechanisms for the support of good practice is the teaching and learning of Psychology at University level. We hope to explore possibilities for collaboration with institutions and agencies in other countries which share our goals of identifying, characterising and disseminating good practice in teaching, learning and assessment of Psychology.