Psychology education at the High Technical Schools in Russia

Soloviowa, Elena
Tutushkina, Marina
Artem'eva, Veronika
Miroshnichenko, Аnna
Sankt-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,

Since 1990 in some of the high technical schools and since 1999 in almost all of them students have the regular courses of psychology. In contrast with the fore-Perestroika times when the humanitarian part of educations had mostly the ideological character nowadays it is more pragmatic.

The State educational programme of the course “Psychology and pedagogic" (1999) includes the history of psychology and pedagogic, the basic theories of modern psychology, studying of the basic subjects of the psychology: mental processes, properties and conditions, a problem of social psychology, communications and psychology of the personality. There are no psychology departments in the majority of high schools and the teaching is conducted on such a departments as philosophy, sociology or culturology.

St.Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineers is one of the first in Russia which has the compulsory psychological education as in the field of building activity there are many problems of the people interactions. The course of the psychology accounts for the specificity of motivational and professional scope of the students’ personality. It consists of three parts. The first one, “Psychology of individuality”, is for the first semester and includes the studying of the questions promoting self-knowledge and self-development. As second part during on the middle semesters students may choose the subject dependently on their professional interests. Third part includes themes of social-psychological interaction in the professional environment and the professional self-development.