The peculiarities of psychological education of managers in Angarsk State Technical Academy

Yamshchikova, Olga
Angarsk State Technical Academy,

The Social, political, economical, cultural and psychological changes which have affected modern Russia, essentially have influenced educational process in general, and psychological education of managers, in particular. The changes in nature of training of the managers descend in a context of the global educational tendencies, which one have received a title of "megatendencies" (M.Klarin, 1995): mass nature of formation and its continuity as a new quality; the significance, both for the individual, and for public expectations and norms (standards); acclimatization of educational process to the inquiries and needs of the person; orientation of training to the personality of students, maintenance of their self-deployment.

There more than 310 managers have graduated from Angarsk State Technical academy. The opening-up of the specialists of the given category has been conducted in academy since 1992 and guesses the count of the psychological requirements shown to a trade "Manager". Broad usage of such methods of training as " the Business game ", " Cerebral storm ", " Round desktop ", "Training", Research - teaching, the problematic, debatable management of occupations has resulted that the students adequately act on profile olympiads, after graduating from Academy they are claimed on a modern market. As one of the relevant problems of further development of continuous psychological education of the students of technical academy on a speciality "Manager" is possible to secure (discharge) creation of a system of monitoring and correction of process of development of personal and professional qualities of the students on all stretch of their training in high school.