Learning of medical nurses by professional communications on the lessons of psychology

Lihacheva, Olga
Medical College of Military Medical Academy,

Background: Modern condition of society demands from medicine worker knowledge of mechanisms of social communications between people during their treatment. Beginning of medicine worker as a social individual is accomplished out during learning of curriculums “Psychology of communication” and “Psychology of communications with the patient”. Individual communication with the patient opens the reasons of experiences, motivation of behaviour, degree of conflicts factories participant in the beginning of his disorders , basic psychological conflicts.

Aims: Medicine nurse learns to understand and tell about her patient because she learns foundation verbal and non-verbal communication. She realizes the role and consequences of the patient’s conflict situations, which became the reason of his illness and changing behaviour. Medicine nurse defines type of personal adaptation to the illness and formulates primary psychological diagnosis. During her communications with the patient medical nurse makes psychological support to him.

Methods: For the learning of medical nurses professional communications teacher of psychology uses the methods:

1. Diagnostics of medical students personality: Eyzenck test, questionnaires “Skills of hearing”, ”Skills of speaking”, “Chief- subject in communication” ( Makleny), “Suggestion”, “Agressiveness”. 2. Hearing of learning psychological information and telling it in the regime “here and now” 3. During the interview of the patient medical nurses picks up the information about psychological state of the patient. 4. Psychotherapist conversation with the elements of positive approach. Psychotherapist conversation helps to evoke patient positive attitude to his diagnoses. Student learns the techniques of “five- steps” dialog with the client, which was elaborated by Hamid and Nossrat Peseshkian.

Results: professional - personality of medical student readiness for communication presents by the next indexes:
Extravertion-85%, introvertion –15%;
Skill of hearing-10% high level, 30% -middle level, 60 % - low level.
Skill of tell: - 0% high level, 40% - middle level, 60% - low level
Chief and subject in communication: 10% subject and 90% -chief.
Suggestion – 20% - easy suggestion, 80% - non- suggestion.
Aggression: 90% - peace -loving, 10% - aggression

Students estimated various methods of teaching psychology. 90% of students express intention to learn psychology later on. Only 20% medical students may use interview with the patient, 80% of them have difficulties to use psychological knowledge when they communicate with the patient. 60% of medical students have difficulties when they have psychotherapist conversation with the patient. 40% of medical students express their intention to speak support words to their patient.

Keywords: Professional communication, adaptation for illness, diagnostics of personality of medical student, hearing, interview , psychotherapist conversation.