Approach to composition of lecture material on psychology (a part of the course “Psychology and pedagogy” in technical university)

Pogorelova, Galina
Bryansk State Technical University,

Method of learning oriented on forming integrated representations about the person’s psychological features, about relationship between biological and social in the structure of the personality is discussed. Following the “integrity principle”, the biosocial hierarchical structure of the personality according to K.K.Platonov will be considered as a whole, while extracted by the scientist substructures (temperament, mind processes, social experience, “person’s orientation”, as well as character and abilities) – as parts. Thus, the logic of the psychology course is determined by Platonov’s concept, which builds the basis of the course composition. According to this logic the learning process can be organized by the following scheme.

History of the psychology subject development. Scientific schools in the foreign and Russian psychology.

Different approaches to the person’s structure in the basic psychology schools of the XX century, in particular Platonov’s concept (arguments “in favour” and “opposite to”).
Analysis of each substructure according to Platonov’s concept.

Theoretical basis and results of experimental research (psychological approach).
Testing the students in order to identify their individual-psychological features of the corresponding substructure.
Theoretical basis and results of experimental research (sociopsychological approach).
Inquiry, which clarifies the social influence on the students’ substructure as a result of training, practice, learning, upbringing.
Application of the obtained theoretical knowledge to a problem situation (system approach).
Consider each the substructure according to this procedure (3.1-3.5).
Individual task for each student: “What I know now about my own psychological structure”
New perspectives in theoretical and empirical research of personality.

The above method can be considered as an approach to forming the representation about a person as a three-level system (individual, subject, personality) as well as an attempt of composing lecture material on psychology as a part course “Psychology and pedagogy” according to the State educational standard.