Study of psychology at universities in Germany

Hodapp, Volker
J. W. Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main,

I would like to discuss study of psychology at universities in Germany. The study of psychology is usually offered at universities and results in a Diploma. Study is divided into two periods: a first period (basic study) which is focused on basic areas, and a second period (main study) which is focused on crucial sections. Subjects in basic study are general psychology, methods/statistics, physiological or biological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and personality psychology. Main study allows a differentiation in clinical psychology, work and organizational psychology, and educational psychology. Regular time of study is 9 semesters (2 semesters per year) but most students require about 13 semesters (1999). In Germany there are about 6000 students at the beginning of study. The number of students is fairly constant what has to do with a restriction in the number of study places. Total number of students is about 30000 students. In 1999 about 2800 students passed successfully the study of psychology.

At that time we have a time of massive changes in the German university system. This concerns organization of study as well as other study related topics, e.g., introduction of Masters/Bachelor Degree Programs etc. Furthermore, different forms of evaluation are conducted , and qualifications and positions for academic career are discussed and restructured, e.g., habilitation, introduction of junior professorships.