Psychology Education in France

Lancry, Alain
Université de Picardie Jules Verne,
Amiens, France

I am, in the French education ministry, expert for the whole universities for social and human sciences. So, moreover I have to evaluate the program and the curricula of psychology. I could expose the national situation in France for the teaching of psychology of education. I’ll give, during the discussion, several examples of curricula and program of psychology of education to illustrate all the points of my paper.

In introduction, a large overwiew of french psychology curriculum and diploma will be exposed in oral session. Then, two sections will be developed : the teaching of psychology and psychology of education.

Teaching of psychology. Psychology in France is only teached in universities, especially in psychology faculties or psychology departments (30 units in totality, including about 55000 students). Some particular teaching are included in special curriculum for school teachers, social agents and others professionals.

The teaching of psychology in secondary school is assumed, in the upper class, by philosophical teachers. There is no psychology teachers in secondary schools. The contents are general topics of psychology as perception, learning theories and psychoanalysis therory. But all the teachers, in primary and secondary schools, after a bachelor, are trained during two years in special institute, IUFM (University Institute for Teachers). The major topics and concepts included in the introductory psychology courses are the theories of development (cognitive, social and affective development), national history of education, cross-cultural psychology, knowledge of education institutions and pedagogy. Theories of Piaget, Wallon, Freud and Wigotsky about development are the main theories included in the program.

Psychology of education. Psychology of education is only teached in university curriculum, especially in bachelor lessons (third years of bachelor curriculum) and in Master program where it may be a speciality. Only few Master curriculum of psychology are focused on education because there is no many jobs in this area.